Ein Blick in das Dienstleistungsmarktsegment Kampfkunst, Kampfsport und Selbstverteidigung

Eine explorative Studie

  • Theresa Mildner
  • Peter Kuhn Universität Bayreuth



The study is dedicated to the task of describing the field of martial arts, combat sports and self-defense (MCS). On one hand it wants to show who is active in the service market segment MCS, on the other hand it wants to test possibilities of descriptive access to this field. Internet research is used as an instrument, concretized by Google Maps, community college, inspection authority for prevention offers, general local health insurance company, college sports, municipality web pages and on-line data bases. Appearance and organizational forms are determined, which are categorized and quantified. The study refers to the second most populous federal state of Bavaria with almost 13 million inhabitants. As far as the manifestations on the qualitative level are concerned, the chosen methodology can presumably provide an almost complete picture. At the quantitative level, more for-profit or hybrid providers are recorded than the BSLV statistics show. Further research must approach the individual providers in writing and/or by telephone in order to determine the number of active providers.

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Mildner, T., & Kuhn, P. (2019). Ein Blick in das Dienstleistungsmarktsegment Kampfkunst, Kampfsport und Selbstverteidigung. Journal of Martial Arts Research, 2(2), 12. https://doi.org/10.15495/ojs_25678221_22_82
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